Paul Stankey ’17 Golf Superstar


Paul Stankey ’17 has been dedicated to the game of golf, ever since he started playing at the age of two. Stankey says, “Some friends put a club in my hands when I was one or two and my parents just kept me playing since then.” Now, Stankey has an intense practice schedule, which varies with the seasons. In the winter he will practice around two hours a day, but in the summer he will practice as much as fourteen hours a day. In the winters, because of Minnesota’s crazy winter weather, Stankey has to train indoors. Stankey practices at Hazeltine in the winter. Lucky for Paul, he lives on a golf course, so when the weather gets warm enough he can practice in his backyard.

Outside of golf, Stankey will lift weights and run to help and try to advance his play. He competes in tournaments in many different locations, from right here in Minnesota to all the way down South. Stankey says he participates anywhere from 45-60 tournament rounds every year.

Stankey’s ultimate goal is to play at the collegiate level.

Stankey says his favorite player is Jordan Spieth. Paul says, “My favorite player on tour is Jordan Spieth because he is only 20 years old, but he still has a strong faith and family grounding in his life. Plus he lights it up on the course.”