Upper School Field Day is a Go

Upper School students will get a day out of class next week for PA’s annual Field Day.

“We are going!” Mr. Thomas Jones, Clubs and Activities Director, stated in his email sent out yesterday. It is approaching fast on Wednesday, February 26th.

The outing almost did not happen. If 95% of students did not turn in their permission slips by yesterday, administrators said that Field Day would have to be cancelled. Not reaching the participation benchmark also “opens up the possibility for it being cancelled for good,” stated Upper School Dean of Students Mr. David Harman.

Students will have the opportunity to ski or bowl. The tradition started the first or second year that the school has been around. Students would spend a day at Afton Alps.

Math teacher Ms. Diane Hagner says that in 2010, rock climbing was an option, only to change to bowling the next year. Since then, skiing and bowling have been the choices.

Of the six years that Mr. Harman has been here, Afton Alps has always been an option, but since coaches and some parents did not like the athletes out on the slopes, bowling at Brunswick opened up. He states that Field Fay is extra and special. A class day is lost, money and resources are spent, and if the majority of the students do not take advantage and the interest is not there, it should not happen.