No PA Breakfast Club – Yet

How great would it be to come to school in the mornings and have access to coffee, hot cocoa, or tea? Maggie Morgan ’14 says, “It would be really convenient when I get here early!”.


The reality of being able to buy breakfast at Providence Academy in the morning is not as far off as it would seem. In fact, according to Mrs. Deb Huro of the Kitchen Staff, the prospect had been considered before, but has never been put into practice.

Some of the potential breakfast items would include “morning coffee, muffins, cookies, yogurt, and fruit cups”.

So what has stopped this delicious reality from coming to fruition?


Mrs. Huro explains that there are a couple obstacles that have prevented this endeavor. First of all, there are no portable scanners to charge the student accounts. She says that the second problem would be “having custodial staff to clean the area”.

Beyond that, setting up food on a couple of tables in the great room would not work because the Great Room is used for other events, such as concerts, and so tables are not always set up for the morning. Mr. Harman, the Dean of Students, agrees that setup¬†would be the main problem. The Great Room is used for lots of events, and is typically “not a meeting space”, according to Mr. Harman.

Mrs. Huro says that if these hurdles could be overcome, “it could be done”, but there are no solid plans for it to happen.

Until further notice, breakfast at Providence will remain a tasty dream in the minds of Providence students and staff.