Meet Upper School Office Assistant Mrs. Gregg

Upper School Receptionist Mrs. Kate Gregg
Upper School Receptionist Mrs. Kate Gregg

As I hope we have all noticed, we have a new staff member at PA. That’s right, it’s the new assistant to the upper school director, Mrs. Kate Gregg.

Mrs. Gregg joined us this winter and started to go to work. The PAW spoke to her the other day, and we asked her why she chose to work at Providence.

“The reason I joined Providence is because all of the people here are really nice, along with the employees who are very positive and generous to other people,” said Mrs. Gregg.

Just because she has great spirits, it does not mean that she has an easy job. She does more than you may think for the job. She takes attendance, writes and emails the announcements, helps organize open houses, helps with graduation, and even helps the eighth graders and their parents get ready for high school.

As you can see, she does quite a lot for this school, and without her help, Providence Academy’s upper school would barely function. So next time you pass by the upper school office, make sure to thank Mrs. Gregg for working so hard for this school.