Teachers if they weren’t teachers

What would PA's teachers be doing if they weren't teachers? The PAW asked a few to find out.
What would PA’s teachers be doing if they weren’t teachers? History teacher Mr. Kevin Keiser (left) would be a detective, and Upper School Dean of Students Mr. David Harman (right) would be an architect.

“What type of job would you have if  you weren’t a teacher?” This is a question The PAW posed to some PA teachers. Read ahead to hear about their dream jobs.

French teacher Madame Ann Heitzmann: “I would run a cooking school with my husband South of France in a Chateau.”

English and religion teacher Mrs. Teresa Claypool: “I’d be an FBI agent. I applied for the FBI when I was 21, but I was declined because I was too young.”

English teacher Mr. Adam Schmalzbauer: “I would do some freelance work for the Creative Writing Company. I love to write. It is what made me become an English teacher… It has always been a dream of mine to work at a post office.”

Religion teacher Mr. Edward Hester: “This is my dream Job! I worked hard to get here and I love what I do, but in the future if I’m done with teaching, I’d go into politics.”

Biology teacher Dr. Yvonne Boldt: “You mean my second dream job? I would work for some company where I was conducting research. I enjoy research, which is why the maple tree research project was a lot of fun for me.”

Even though the responses varied from working at a post office (Mr. Schmalzbauer) to an FBI agent (Mrs. Claypool), most teachers proclaimed that being a teacher (specifically at PA) is their “dream job.” Many had trouble thinking of what they would do if they weren’t  teaching. Other teachers that were asked could not think of a job, proof of how much they love and cherish their opportunity to teach at Providence Academy.