Catholic Schools Week ’14 A Success

Conor White '15 dressed in Minnesota-themed clothes. Photo by Lauren Perinovic
Conor White ’15 dressed in Minnesota-themed clothes. Photo by Lauren Perinovic


Catholic Schools week is a week-long event that happens every year to celebrate Catholic education. Many private schools all over the country take part in this event, including Providence Academy. This event always takes place the last Sunday of the month of January and lasts for a week.

Thorough this week, schools generally tend to have Mass, some sort of fundraising, an open house, or many other fun activities. The main goal of these activities and events is to appreciate a Catholic education. Providence Academy also planned some exciting events for this very important week.

The week started slow on Monday when Providence had a two-hour delay for school, and everything planned for the day was postponed. Luckily, PA picked up the pace on Tuesday, starting on time, and having an all Upper School Mass at the end of the day.

As soon as Monday and Tuesday were over, Wednesday and Thursday came with two wacky dress codes that consisted of dressing like a Minnesotan and wearing class patterns. As if that wasn’t enough, there was also a pep fest on Wednesday. Lastly, PA decided to end Catholic schools week with a school dance on Saturday night.

Once this week was over, I interviewed a couple of people to see what they thought of it. This is what they said:

“I liked it. I think the dress like a ‘blank’ days were well thought out this year. Overall, I liked it.” Andrew Beukelman 16′

“It was fun. It was stupid that they gave us homework and it would have been more fun if they had not, but it was still fun.” Reed Trende 16′

“It was alright. I didn’t like how we actually got homework.” Stamatios Morellas 16′

“I think it was cool.” Kevin O’Neil 16′

A student's Vikings jersey. Photo by Lauren Perinovic
A student’s Vikings jersey. Photo by Lauren Perinovic