In the Midst of Finals, Students Share Their Strategies For Success

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How do PA’s hard-working, test-taking, upper school students survive these days of back-to-back exams? Some veterans of the blue tarp and dingy lighting share their thoughts…


“Eat a lot of chocolate and wake up early.” – Frances  Christianson

“If you don’t know it by 11 pm, you are not going to know it by the test.” – Christa Peterson

“Take a study break.” – Vince


“Freshman, only do as much as you can do and leave the rest to God – he will help you.” -Sasha Spichke

“Start studying early… think about one test, don’t think of all six at the same time.” – Christina Stankey

“If you haven’t started studying now, you’ll never succeed in life.” Connor Killion


“A good way for me to study for finals is to Skype my friends and study with them” – Alec Weber

“I go to the library to study for finals and isolate myself from the world so that I can give my full attention to the studies” -Austin Duncan


“Breathe and turn it over to the Lord” – Ms. Hagner

“Never re-read whole sections and call that studying.” – Mr. Harman

Consensus? Sleep, breathe, and be prepared.

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