Opinion: College Sports vs. Professional Sports

One controversial topic frequently talked about amongst sports fans is whether professional sports or college sports allow for a better game and overall experience. With the NFL playoffs beginning, and the NBA and NHL in full swing, some sports fans will argue that professional sports provide a better viewing experience.

One reason for this could be that professional sports games are easier to follow. With the extensive media coverage of professional sports, fans can easily keep track of their favorite teams and players.

Another advantage of pro sports is the skills and experience of the athletes. Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Roger Federer, Floyd Mayweather, Lionel Messi, and Sidney Crosby – some of the best athletes in the world – are why some fans may prefer pro sports players over the less-experienced student athletes. Over time these players have accumulated large fans bases because of their flashy moves and ability to secure victories.

Another factor that goes into fans preferring professional sports over college sports is the complicated Bowl Championship Series college football has. NFL fans enjoy the organization of the NFL playoff system.

On the other hand, even though professional athletes are sometimes considered more talented, college athletes show much more energy and hustle in games. Many NBA players portray selfishness in games through their actions. Caring about themselves and their paychecks tends to become more important to a player than winning, which makes pro sports less competitive.

In college sports, players don’t get directly payed, instead they get the chance to go to college on a scholarship. Student athletes play with more fire and heart with the hope that they can make it to the next level: the pros.

The energy felt at college games is another thing professional games sometimes lack. College stadiums, consisting mostly of college students, are oftentimes full of energy. Professional sports games attract the people that can afford them, people with jobs or the means to afford the  price tag that comes with a professional game ticket. They are not as rowdy as college students and do not completely match the energy of the crowd at a college sporting event.

While sitting at home, with nothing to do, usually the answer to our boredom is TV. When first flipping on the TV and scrolling through the channels, basically every hour of the day you can find a college sport being played. Using basketball as an example, there’s always a college game being aired. Whether the game is at noon, or late at night, college basketball is always a solution to our boredom.

NBA on the other hand, seems to always be played around the same time. With all the games being aired around 7 p.m.,  it’s hard to watch all the teams you want. With all the games being so close together, or being aired at the same time, some hard decisions come into play. With all the publicity pro sports get, you will be able to watch highlights from the games you missed the next day.

Joe Kahnke ’17 says, “I prefer pro sports, I like the experience and skill within every player. I also like the flashy plays.”

However, I would have to disagree. I think that the energy college sports brings provides for a better game and overall experience.