PA artist profile: Luke Ziesmer ’14

Luke Ziesmer '14
Luke Ziesmer ’14

Luke Ziesmer ’14 is pretty well known around Providence Academy for his outstanding art work. It seems to be that his art is always out in the Atrium or somewhere displayed in the school for everyone to admire.

Ziesmer also plays soccer and manages the basketball team, but his main passion is drawing. When he was young, he realized that drawing is something that he is good at, so he decided to stick with and he hasn’t looked back since.

He answered some questions for The PAW so we can get a better understanding of his work.

Why do you love art so much?

“The reason I love art so much is because I can express myself through it.”

When did you discover your talent?

“Well, I have been drawing since before I can remember. Of course, I was not very good back then. Anyway, when I was younger I would carry stacks of about 20 pages of paper almost everywhere I went, just doodling random things.”

Have you won any awards?

“Yes and no. I haven’t won any state awards, but there have been like school competitions I have won.”

What art class are you in now?

“I am currently in Art 4”

Do you do any art related things for people/businesses?

“Yes, right now I am helping the Junior Varsity Providence Academy Basketball coach, Jarrett Fellows, put together some designs for his T-shirt company.  As I said earlier, I have helped with school needs, like the Homecoming banner and the Rock.  Also, I designed Nick Pruden “Number Thirty-three”‘s current hockey helmet.”