Campus ministry events offer something for everyone

During the coldest part of winter, PA’s NET team is busy hosting plenty of events to warm the soul.

The NET team organizes events such Lifeline, FUEL, Adore, and class retreats and also leads small groups for each grade level.

Lifeline events are held at the NET Center in West St. Paul and feature music, crowds of eighth through twelfth graders, and presentations. At Lifeline, you can expect to praise and worship God, celebrate Mass, hear speakers, experience concerts, participate in sessions and have Eucharistic Adoration. Click here for a list of upcoming Lifeline events.

“Lifeline is super fun because it’s a thousand people that come together,” Netter Sarah Marie Pedersen said. “It’s really cool to see that we’re not the only ones striving for holiness, that there are other people interested in it.”

Pedersen also explained what FUEL consists of. A Providence family hosts a night at their house for students looking to hang out with the NET team. Dinner, games, and small groups make FUEL the fun night that it is.

“It’s really just to hang out outside of PA,” Pederson said.

Adore is also an event that the NET team hosts at Providence. The team gathers a group of PA students to come to a night where Jesus is exposed in the blessed sacrament in the PA chapel. Students hear a fifteen to twenty minute talk about a certain topic, and then after, spend time doing praise and worship and adoration. And, of course, no NET Team event is complete without snacks.

Small groups for each age group and gender are offered by the team as well, and each group is led by an individual Netter.

“Juniors and seniors meet in CORE. Sixth through tenth has their own gender specific groups,” Pederson said. “We do what they need.”

On top of it all, NET team members conduct school-day retreats which include talks, personal faith sharing, skits, small group discussion, songs and prayer. Every retreat is a unique experience for Providence students, and 9th, 11th and 12th graders have already been on retreats with the team. Because of the NET teams’ young age and experiences, high schoolers are able to understand and put into action the messages that the team gives.

Tenth graders will go on their retreat on January 22.

The team says that they hope to plan a mens and womens night for the Upper School, and they also hope to try to get more kids to come to Adoration regularly, as well as Lifeline. They want to increase numbers and get more people involved.

The team is happy to be here and says they appreciate the student’s welcoming attitude.

“At this point, everything is kind of flowing,” Netter Josh Hollcraft said. “At this point, I’m cool with a lot of the students.”