College counseling office update

As the new year begins, the college counselors are settling into their new offices.

The new location is more convenient for both the students and the counselors. It is also closer to the seniors and juniors, as it is situated in the Atrium.

College counselor Mrs. Mary Sue Walker said that fellow counselor Mr. Brian Estrada and herself are still working on the details of settling into the new offices.

“We want to make sure kids know where we are located,” she said. “There is more space for meetings and being right off the Atrium closer to the kids is also a big help.”

The counselors and deans are much closer to each other now, and they say it is easier to communicate with each other. The new offices also have more meeting rooms, and it opens up more opportunities for students to meet with the counselors about colleges.

The staff is also setting up informal parent meetings to talk about high school and college experiences.

“We will make things available for all grade levels 9-12, and we will also talk about finding the proper fit for students,” Mrs. Walker said. “There will also be Providence alumni attending to talk about their transition to college and how they handled things in high school.”

The counselors say the purpose of the informal meetings is to expand accessibility for all parents. They will be open to all high school students and their parents.