Opinion: Rants and Raves

Thumbs-Up-Thumbs-DownThis post marks the second installment in a series in which the PAW staff shares its opinions about absolutely anything…


Brrr! – Snow and extreme cold weather conditions are making this month almost unbearable. How will we survive these conditions? Bundle up, don’t forget to wear mittens or gloves, and keep extra cold weather gear in your trunk in the case of a breakdown on the roads. Stay safe this icy season!

Semester I exams – PA’s high school students are already thinking about preparing for their semester exams, which take place two weeks after returning from break. Studying for exams can be quite extensive and tedious and is definitely not something that students look forward to. Wouldn’t it be nice if we took our exams before Christmas break…?

Hustle and bustle – With the holiday season comes holiday shopping. People are looking to buy the newest, coolest things. This is both fun and annoying at times, as stores can get extremely crowded and busy. However, it’s a nice feeling when you have all your shopping done! Next up – wrapping.


Time Magazine’s Person of the Year – Pope Francis was named as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year! It’s pretty cool to see the Pope as the Person of the Year, because he isn’t a secular icon.

Much needed break almost here – A nice, long, 16 day break is just around the corner for Providence’s students and faculty. This break offers a time for students to sleep in and catch up with their families and friends around Christmas time.

Welcome to 2014! – The New Year is almost here! New Years is known to be a good time to make resolutions, so start thinking about what you want to improve on in 2014. Let’s make this one great!

Timberwolves – The Minnesota Timberwolves are off to a good start this year, with a record of 11-11, on a two game winning streak. Their games are broadcasted on FS North.