PA students venture beyond the river and woods during Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner, which means some PA students will be traveling, and others staying home.

Christina Stankey ’15 and her family are going to Naples, Florida after Christmas to enjoy the sun.

Multiple people will be traveling in order to celebrate the holidays with family. Sarah Whims ’16 is traveling to Washington to visit her sister. Andrew Beukelman ’16 will be visiting family  in South Dakota. Abigail Spichke ’16 will be spending time with her grandparents in Wisconsin.

Mary Walz ’16, staying in the state, will be going to her cabin up north. Vince Sellner ’14 has grandparents in Galesburg that he will be visiting.

Some people have relatives traveling to their house. Rachel Mohrman ’16 has relatives visiting.

Others such as Parker Loew ’17 has no plans to travel or for relatives to visit. Likewise, religion teacher Mr. Edward Hester will give presents to his kids, go to Mass, have a nice Christmas dinner and watch movies with no relatives invited. William Johnson’16 will be staying at home for the break. Ms. Kathleen Haus and her family will be attending Christmas Eve Mass with no plans for traveling or relatives visiting.

Anna from the net team will be visiting her family back home in Kentucky.

History teacher Mr. Kevin Keiser will be visiting his in-laws in St. Paul, Minnesota. He said he is very excited for spending time with his relatives, Christmas, and a break.