PA’s One Act Play Hoping for Strong Showing at Competition

The script has been chosen, the cast list has been released and rehearsal has begun for the MSHSL One-Act Play competition. This year’s play is “The Romancers,” a romantic comedy originally by Edmund Rostand (perhaps better known for penning Cyrano de Bergerac).

“It’s got flexible casting, it is classic literature like the school appreciates, it’s lesser known,” said Mrs. Melissa Simmons, Assistant Director, “And it’s a show we like.”

The final cast list places Annika White ’15, Dominik Ruch ’15, William Walcher ’17, Mary Olson ’17, Elijah Flanders ’15, and Stephen Kopp ’15 in speaking roles. Mrs. Simmons added that these auditions marked a new success for the theater program.

“We had the most auditions for our one-act in history,” said Mrs. Simmons, with prospective actors auditioning for six speaking roles and an ensemble.

Mary Olson '17 plays the "Juliet-like" character (according to Grace Garvey '14) in "The Romancers."
Mary Olson ’17 plays the “Juliet-like” character (according to Grace Garvey ’14) in “The Romancers.”

“One of the contest rules limits us to 20 students,” said Mrs. Simmons, referring to the strictures of the MSHSL for competing schools; this includes the crew.

The cast will perform the play at sections on February 1. This year, PA’s goal is to do as well or better than they have in the past. Since last year’s One-Act won second place at sections, the new goal is to get second or better.

“They’re different judges every contest,” said Mrs. Simmons, meaning that no school can tailor their choice to a type of judge. “We try to create a play that we’re proud of. And if we do that, we have a chance at success.”

Mrs. Simmons said the overwhelming factor is: “Did the judges like the way you did it?”

“Students who audition are also considered for a couple of other acting opportunities,” said Mrs. Simmons, meaning that all interested in performing in the One-Act have the opportunity to act in either an advent presentation and A Christmas Carol at the Strings concert.

“We had a strong cast last year,” said Stage Manager Grace Garvey ’14, “and I’m confident that this year we will once again move on to sections.”