Opinion: How Early is Too Early for Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again!

Snow starts to fall, holiday tunes come on the radio, people shop for gifts, and put up trees. We haven’t even celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday yet, but there are already prevalent signs of the Christmas holiday. Some people love to get in the spirit of Christmas long before the day, or even the month of the holiday comes around, but others want to save the spirit of Christmas until the time comes near.

Should we get a head start on Christmas, or should we postpone the festivities until the month actually comes? Do stores start playing Christmas music, and advertising too early?

Ads have already been playing on the radio, and on the TV. Music streaming app Songza recently added a Christmas music category to their service. Car dealers are showboating holiday “deals” on TV. People are decorating their houses with lights, and holiday flair.

In my opinion, it’s okay to get excited about the Christmas season, but we don’t have to act on this excitement until December. If we start celebrating so early, then the actual holiday seems to get less exciting when it comes around. The reason why the Christmas season is so special is because we only reserve it for a short amount of time in our year. We tend to put so much emphasis on the commercial aspect of Christmas, so early on,  that we overlook Thanksgiving, too! I asked other students and teachers, who shared their opinions.

Ryan Heaney ’17 says that “November is really too early for Christmas music and commercials.”

History teacher, Mr. Kevin Keiser thinks that, “Before Advent I think is too early.”

Jack Hillen ’14 commented that, “I think you have to wait until at least after Thanksgiving,” for Christmas music and festivities.

Student Leah Barron ’14 said that her favorite Christmas song is “The Grinch Song, because it’s just awesome.”

However, it’s all opinion, so if getting in the Christmas spirit brings joy to you, go ahead and do it!