A’s or ZZZZ’s? PA Students Balance Sleep and Good Grades

Photo illustration by Tone Deinema
Photo illustration by Tone Deinema

More and more high school students are faced with choosing between two things: sleep or good grades.

This dilemma is especially common at Providence Academy, where it is not uncommon for students to get more than 4 hours of homework a night (not to mention studying).

The sacrifice of staying up late doing homework over sleep is essential to attain good grades. But sleep is not the only thing students are sacrificing. It’s common that students have to give up  their hobbies and activities to get that “A”.

Some popular activities among PA students are clubs and sports with no affiliation to school. Students have had to give up sports such as gymnastics or karate because there was just not enough time with PA’s demanding expectations for  academics.

Many students, especially those in sports, are not able to choose the electives they would like but instead have to take a study hall.

John Ogren ‘14 said, “I don’t get to go to the weight room as much because I have to study.”

Providence Academy students don’t just give up personal hobbies, but also aren’t able to spend time with family and friends. Family dinners are rare for many students, especially those in sports and after school activities. Social interactions are rare during the week and vacations when school is not on break is out of the question.

 Students aren’t able to cheer on their siblings at sporting events and some even have to quit their jobs so they will be able to get a better one when they graduate.

It isn’t just the students that have to make sacrifices. Teachers aren’t able to spend as much time with their families because of stacks of grading and other duties.

English teacher, Mr. Adam Schmalzbauer said, “I do not get as much time for leisurely reading as I like.”

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