Review: For a Weekend Treat, Fro Yo is a Go!

It’s no secret that frozen yogurt has taken over the PA community. Here are some reviews of three popular places to go for “fro-yo”:

Tutti Frutti


Location: Maple Grove

Tutti Frutti’s frozen yogurt tastes good and doesn’t have the “icy” texture that some other frozen yogurt places have. The toppings are always fresh, and there is a wide variety of them. Unfortunately, Tutti Frutti’s employee’s aren’t very nice to customers, and some of them make it obvious that they do not want to be there.


Location: Maple Grove

Freeziac is small, clean, and it doesn’t have the “childish” vibe that other frozen yogurt places have. Freeziac also offer punch cards that can get you up to five dollars off a purchase of frozen yogurt. The downside to Freeziac is that there are not as many flavors as its competitors.

Cherry Berry

Location: Plymouth

Cherry Berry has a cool set up inside their store that allows for customers to hang out and talk. However, it is rated the worst of the three frozen yogurt places, so if you’re looking for quality frozen yogurt, I recommend checking out either Freeziac or Tutti Frutti instead.