Three Months Into the School Year, Freshmen Discuss Expectations vs. Reality of High School Life

Ninth grade boys at lunch in the Great Room. -William Walcher
Ninth grade boys at lunch in the Great Room. -William Walcher

High school is a time for change. Although intimidating at times, high school students themselves agree: change can be exciting.

Whilst adjusting to the new high school life, freshmen had a few things to say about their new schedule.

Ben Sellman ’17 said that he “expected a pretty heavy workload in high school.”

Mina McMillan ’17 agreed, commenting, “The standard for academics was definitely raised this year, but I like my classes.”

PA freshmen were correct in thinking that they would need to be prepared for a shift of gears in academics this year.

“I expected the homework load to be difficult, but it’s not that bad,” says Parker Loew ’17.

As far as favorite classes go, each student has their own preference.

Loew says, “History, Art and French are my favorite classes.”

Sellman replies, “Spanish class is fun! It is nice to learn about the Spanish culture, and throw some Latin flair into my day!”

McMillan comments, “I like French and Religion. Religion is interesting to me because I am not Catholic, and learning about the faith is interesting. French is just really fun.”

PA freshmen agree that they enjoy the responsibility that comes with High School, but they don’t want too much.

Freshmen look up to the PA upperclassmen as role models, and often confer with them on how to act.

Sellman said, “I like the upperclassmen! They give me rides to hockey, they’re good role models most of the time, and they can help me learn what to, and what not to do as an upperclassman.”

McMillan agrees that, “They are all really nice, and good role models.”

Freshmen also really enjoy being able to use their iPads in class.

Loew remarked, “I like the iPads!”

“Yes, I do enjoy using them!”, Sellman agreed.

Senior Frances Christianson advises freshmen, “Don’t stress, and pay attention in class.”