Opinion: Rants and Raves

Thumbs-Up-Thumbs-DownThis post marks the beginning of a periodic installment in the PAW in which the PAW staff shares its opinions about absolutely anything…


Junior Fireplace – Poor Juniors, while the seniors get the luxury of warming up near their fireplace, the juniors are left to freeze. The fireplace on the junior side of the atrium has been broken the entirety of the school year, and there’s no sign of it getting fixed soon. Heading into a cold Minnesota winter, will the juniors dare venturing over to the senior side to sneak some heat, or will they somehow learn to adapt?

Miley Cyrus – Back in 2006, we were accustomed to Miley’s hair changing from her brown curly locks to her blonde Hannah Montana Wig. Ever since her drastic style change to short blonde spikes last summer, the world watched Miley go from Disney’s sweetheart to twerking’s biggest advocate. Hannah Montana was correct when she said “Nobody’s Perfect.” Her new risqué album “Bangerz” is breaking records. Are the songs catchy? Maybe. Does she deserve the attention? No. Finally, the public is becoming annoyed with her actions, and have put their attention elsewhere. We hope.

Vikings QB – Note to Minnesota pro sports teams: You’re breaking our hearts! After the Twins’ embarrassingly bad season, we could only hope the Vikings would have a better fate. The team has had three different starting quarterbacks this year and the season is only half-way over. Christian Ponder played the first three games, Matt Cassel started the next two, then it was Josh Freeman, and now we are back to Ponder. We have discovered that laughing about the situation is a good route to go. If a team is playing to win, this is not how you accomplish that. But wait, these are Minnesota sports teams and by now we should be used to this endless cycle of disappointment.

Construction Noise – *Students taking test* – chainsaw blares. *Teacher giving instructions* – the jackhammer turns on. This school year, situations like these are the norm due to all of the construction at the school. Though this is only temporary, the noise the construction produces is a distraction to students and teachers throughout the day.


National Cat Day – On Tuesday October 29th, cat lovers around the world gave their feline friends appreciation on National Cat Day. Along with it trending on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook newsfeeds were filled with cat pictures, or owners’ “selfies” with their pet. “The more cats you have, the better off you are” was the motto of the night.

Fall Play– The fall play, “The Imaginary Invalid”, will take place at Providence on November 8th and 9th. The play stars Stephen Kopp ’15 who plays a severe hypochondriac. Get a group of friends together and prepare to laugh. Make sure to be there for Stephanie Palmer’s ’14 and Connor Killion’s ’15 sing-off.

No School – On November 6th, students will enjoy a day off from school due to parent teacher conferences. Students have the opportunity to catch up on sleep, homework and college apps. Everyone is excited for this “mini Friday” and will use this day off to hang out with friends. Just don’t get too comfortable. Your parents will come home from conferences at some point.

Leftovers – For those of you who are blessed with self control, or if you did some serious damage trick-or-treating, you are enjoying the benefits of your hard work. Candy wrappers can be found scattered across the hallway, and the general mood of the high school is noticeably better. Coincidence?

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