A Busy Week For PA Faculty

PageLines- footer_paw.pngWith Parent-Teacher Conferences beginning at 3:30 this afternoon, teachers and administration will kick off an extremely busy week at Providence Academy.

As most PA students will be home enjoying time with families and sleeping in, teachers will be busy meeting with parents. With a 12 hour day in school today, the teachers will also have to come in tomorrow from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Conferences, like we all know, include a lot of talking. However, the teachers still must come in Thursday morning and teach all day, which can be a strain on their voices, and possibly their nerves.

Religion teacher Dr. Arthur Hippler has another problem.

“The challenge for me is that we have a 2 months old new born baby and I don’t really get too sleep that much,” said Dr. Hippler. For all students who think no one knows what you go through, Dr. Hippler understands. “I appreciate the sympathy, but you students don’t get it easy either.”

Some students, scared of what their teachers are going to say about them, are not looking forward to Parent-Teacher Conferences.  However, religion teacher Mr. Edward Hester says that students should not worry about that.

“I always enjoy talking to parents,” said Mr. Hester. ” I always try to remind them that we are all in this together.”