More Chick-fil-a restaurants opening in western suburbs in November

Courtesy of Chick-fil-a.
Courtesy of Chick-fil-a.

“We Didn’t Invent the Chicken, Just the Chicken Sandwich.”

Regardless of whether or not this is true, Minnesota gladly welcomed Chick-fil-a’s signature menu earlier this month.

The first 100 customers at the new Maple Grove and Coon Rapids locations were offered free meals for a year. Fanatics camped overnight to be awarded a meal consisting of one chicken sandwich, medium waffle fries and a medium drink for 52 weeks.

Nancy Christman, Franchise Owner and Operator of 14 locations, said, “It’s been great, everybody has been so encouraging. We’re happy that we’re here.”

Christman is the owner of both Minnesota locations as well as the Apple Valley and Bloomington locations that are set to open on November 7.

Her daughter attended St. Olaf College and now works as a nurse in Minneapolis. Christman thought it would be fitting to move closer to her daughter while simultaneously bringing Chick-fil-a to a new region.

The company also values family, closing for business on Sundays.

“It’s about people; Giving them time to spend with their family,” Christman said.

Though Chick-fil-a’s throughout the country have received pressure from malls, their tradition has been generally respected and even appreciated.

The chain’s mission is “to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with¬†Chick-fil-A.”

Christman confirms this.

“I’ve many times heard him [S. Truett Cathy, founder] say ‘this business is not about money, it’s about people,” she said. “The minute we make it about money we’re doing something wrong.'”