Seniors will be allowed to park in the North parking lot during Grandparents' Day, even though PA faculty and staff, as well as 10th and 11th graders, will be parking off campus. (Photo by Anna Lahti.)

Seniors will be allowed to park in the North parking lot during Grandparents’ Day, even though PA faculty and staff, as well as 10th and 11th graders, will be parking off campus. (Photo by Anna Lahti.)

The Grandparents’ Day parking situation this week is bound to bring about grumbles from the student body and staff, who are being asked to park at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church about two blocks away from the Providence campus. But instead of complaining, the PAW would like to take this opportunity to THANK the administration for its organization and patience with the various parking conflicts we’ve had this year due to construction.

The limited parking spaces this year are not anyone’s fault. The situation is simply an inevitable result of the construction projects, something we all knew we were going to have to deal with in order to gain a larger reward: new sports facilities and a performing arts center. In fact, the administration and staff at PA have managed to minimize any parking troubles by implementing many new helpful policies this year, from giving seniors special stickers to put on their parking passes to promulgating parking instructions for football games. And so far everything has gone completely smoothly.

The PAW Staff sees Grandparents’ Day as yet another way the administration has foreseen possible problems and tried to navigate around them, in this case in a way that brings the burden of parking and transportation selflessly onto the PA community, rather than on our unsuspecting grandparents.

A special thanks goes out from the senior class, who will retain their parking privileges in the back lot this week, because we recognize that the teachers and staff are making a sacrifice that they don’t necessarily have to be making. As a staff, we are grateful to the PA community and hope that everyone cooperates during Grandparents’ Day festivities in their parking endeavors.

5 Responses to Staff Editorial: PA administration handles Grandparents’ Day parking issues with class

  1. Patrick Gage says:

    Out of curiosity, are students walking to school or will there be buses taking them from the church to PA?

  2. William Anderson says:

    It brings to mind the person you see circling the mall parking lot waiting for the best possible parking spot for five or more minutes so that their walk to mall will be shorter. Inevitably, they always seem to be going to Snap fitness (or the equivalent) to get on a treadmill. Then proceed to walk five miles. Humans can be peculiar…

  3. Mrs. Burkhartzmeyer says:

    There will be a bus taking students and faculty to and from school today. While the walk would no doubt be a pleasant and healthy way to start the day, time is an issue in the mornings. (Perhaps some of us will take advantage of these beautiful October days and walk back in the afternoons!)

  4. peggy vevang says:

    What an amazing editorial…usually parking problems would be a huge complaint. Kudos to you, for taking such a mature and reasonable view. KITGW!!

  5. Señora Lahr says:

    I loved taking the shuttle from the church to school this morning! What a fun way to start the day-visiting with colleagues and students at the bus stop. My favorite memory was seeing Mr. Olson and his children on their way to school wearing their backpacks, helmets and riding their bikes! I am looking forward to tomorrow as well. Great article!

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