“Extremely cool” surprise in store for opening of tonight’s Homecoming game

The Lions practice this week in anticipation of PA's 2013 Homecoming game against Minnehaha Academy.
The Lions practice this week in anticipation of PA’s 2013 Homecoming game against Minnehaha Academy.

Suspense is mounting surrounding a big surprise at the beginning of tonight’s Homecoming game against Minnehaha Academy. It looks like all Homecoming attendees are in for a big treat.

“We will have something before the game that is extremely cool!”  said Dr. Todd Flanders, headmaster of Providence Academy.

Although declining to specify, Dr. Flanders did give some hints for the readership of The PAW.

“Is it fireworks?  No.  Is it at least as cool as fireworks?  Yes.  Friday night is always fun, because everybody gets out there under the nice night sky (and I hear it won’t rain), and there’s going to be a lot of special stuff, something real special before the game,” said Dr. Flanders.

In order for the big surprise to work, he said, everyone must be at the game on time at seven o’clock.

“Be there or be square,” warns Dr. Flanders.  “We are going to have a heck of a Homecoming experience!”

What we already know about tonight’s game is that it will be packed with Providence Academy spirit and tradition. The Providence Academy Girls and Boys Cross Country teams will present the honorary game ball following the team’s annual Homecoming relay run from the opposing team’s school. The Upper School band will perform and the Upper School choir will sing the Star Spangled Banner.

During halftime, the Providence Academy Spirit Squad will perform and Dr. Flanders will announce an update regarding PA’s ongoing Capital Campaign.

Then, the Fall Varsity teams will be honored in PA’s annual Homecoming parade of sports floats.  However, recent changes have been made to promote the overall safety of the floats.

Mr. Kurt Jaeger, Director of Athletics at Providence Academy, commented, “The biggest adjustment is that the kids on the floats will not be throwing things off of the floats.”

Last year, there was candy and beaded necklaces that attracted younger kids to the track where the floats were moving.

“The second adjustment is that they are trying to keep the kids off of the track,” said Mr. Jaeger. “Parents were emailed by (Lower School Director) Mrs. Galgano to supervise their children during that time, and teachers quite possibly will be set-up down there to make sure that nobody goes on the track.”

The roars of the crowd, the music of the band, the excitement of the game, the parade of the sports teams, the halftime performance, the gathering of new friends and old in support of a beloved football team; it is no mystery why Providence Academy’s Homecoming is always memorable.