Wednesday night lights

The Class of 2014 Seniors took the win. (Photos by: Lauren Perinovic)
The Class of 2014 Seniors took the win. (Photos by: Lauren Perinovic)

The Seniors claimed the prize at Wednesday’s Powderpuff football game, which is an annual Homecoming tradition at PA.

Returning player Emily Prom ‘14 believes that powderpuff is a special part of high school.

Prom states, “You only compete in this two grades, and it is held just once a year. The girls get really excited to play football.”

Coming back from a tough loss in their junior year, the Seniors were eager to show their fight, and were glad they walked away with a win.

“I’m already pumped because I want to destroy some juniors,” states Paige McAuliffe ’14 before the game.

The junior girls did not give up, and gave the seniors a competitive game.

“Our coaches, Ryan Richelsen and Conor White have prepared us in our hour and a half session. We have some secret strategies up our sleeve, we are not that bad,” stated Evyn Schmidt ‘15 before the game.

Prom, not wanting to take any chances states, “the fact that we are seniors means that we need to get our act together for this game.”
Juniors listening to their coaches. Senior. Clare Carney being intense. Juniors pose for a picture. Pre-game. The Juniors take the win. Juniors. Jordan Schilling '15 during the game. Colleen Irwin '14 looking intense before the game. Seniors pre-game.