Mr. Keiser: bringing history to life

PA’s new history teacher, Mr. Keiser.

“I know a lot of dead people,” stated Mr. Kevin Keiser.

No, Mr. Keiser is not a time traveller. He is PA’s new history teacher, and through the study of history he feels that, “characters become alive again.”

Mr. Keiser previously taught at Saint Cecilia Academy, an all girls school in Nashville, Tennessee. This year he will be teaching World History I and Modern Western Civilization.

“I definitely prefer to teach older students. You can go into depth because they can understand things in an adult way,” said Mr. Keiser.

Teaching at PA thus far has been a positive experience for Mr. Keiser. He appreciates how the faculty is “much more like-minded” and “on the same page”.

“I really appreciate the way religion and history are taught. There’s a strong belief in factual knowledge,” he also stated.

During his free time Mr. Keiser enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his family. He is also currently working on his Doctoral Dissertation.

Playing retro video games is also a “weakness” Mr. Keiser succumbs to when he has the time.

As for his passion of teaching history, Mr. Keiser felt that his opinions on the study of history can best be summarized by a quote from Monty Python actor, Terry Jones.

“Why do I feel so exercised about what we think of the people of the Middle Ages? Why should I care about any injustice done to them? I guess it’s because so many of their voices are ringing vibrantly in my ears – Chaucer’s, Boccaccio’s, Henry Knighton’s, Thomas Walsingham’s. Froissart’s, Jean Creton’s… writers and contemporary historians of the period who seem to me just as individual, just as alive as we are today.”

“We need to get to know these folk better in order to know who we are ourselves.”