From the PAW Staff: New year, new PAW

The 2013-14 PAW staff (as of Wednesday, August 28)
The 2013-14 PAW staff (as of Wednesday, August 28)

Get ready PA, The PAW is back and better than ever, with some big changes to our publication. For starters, you may have noticed our brand-new website, which is sleeker, more functional, and more user-friendly than the old site. (Big shout out to the fabulous Mr. Darren Rousar, who dedicated a lot of time and even more talent to make these improvements for us).

You also may have noticed The PAW’s increased presence around PA these first few weeks of school – get used to it! The PAW staff is busy planning contests, commercials, giveaways, and surprises for the student body that will continue throughout the school year.

And the final, most important improvement to The PAW? Well, with the PAW’s mission to provide complete, timely, and accurate information to the PA community in mind, this year the publication is going to take full advantage of what an online site allows. This means that we’ll have rolling publication of stories, updating the site multiple times a week (even every day!) rather than a once-a-month publication. We’ll also be implementing more videos, photos, graphs, and polls to really try to connect with and represent the PA student body.

As a staff, we’re capitalizing on these changes to continue to make The PAW a resource for information, a forum for ideas, and a place for students to have a voice. So speak up! Subscribe to us, send a letter to the editor, and contact us with your ideas for stories. We’re here to make the world among these yellow walls a better place, and we want your help.

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  1. Thank you for a look at the new PAW staff! You must be really pleased to be part of such a great school paper. The PAW tells the stories of your school and reflects the integrity of all of you as well as seriously and humorously influencing the minds of all your readers!
    Just a reminder that a “Let us know what we are doing right” will help. ( Then, too, all the “older” readers-like me-will have certain opinions, maybe different from yours or even totally in agreement?!)
    When you are renowned writers you will be grateful for the excellent articles and stories you write now!

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